Introducing Paperless Post for the iPad

We’re thrilled to present to you the first Paperless Post feature film—all 67 glorious seconds of it. The star of our cinematic masterpiece is the first-ever Paperless Post app for iPad. Now you can browse, design, and track custom online cards and invitations with the swipe of a finger.

We wanted to make our announcement with something as special as the app itself, so earlier this fall, we put on our Woody Allen specs and created a dramatic reenactment of a day in the life of our readers. We set the scene with a stylish mom, gorgeous kitchen, magical backyard, and gaggle of cute kids. Watch as our heroine navigates the streets of New York City and the birthday wishes of her quirky, bug-loving 6-year-old.

Playing Hollywood director was fun while it lasted, but we must admit we’re more at home art-directing stationery than we are wrangling box turtles.

The Paperless Post app for iPad is available in the iTunes App Store. Learn more.