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John Derian wants to bake bread in period garb

John Derian courtesy of Bon Appetit

Fall is nostalgia’s time to shine. As we make our pilgrimages back home to feast with friends and family, it’s hard not to get a little wistful. This week’s Five Questions is all about decoupage master John Derian’s favorite autumnal activities—both present and past.

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“Life is a movie. Death is a photograph.”

Halloween mood board by Paperless Post

The connection between death and photography has been a conversation since the beginning of the medium itself. In 1976, Susan Sontag wrote simply: “Death is a photograph.” And, indeed, a hundred years earlier, some of the earliest photographs ever created used double exposure to show ghostly specters among the living.

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Black tie. Long dresses. Surrealist heads.

Guests at the Dîner des Têtes Surréalistes

On December 12, 1972, Baron Guy de Rothschild and his wife Marie-Hélène hosted a costumed ball stranger than fiction. Château de Ferrières was on fire, sleeping cats the size of men littered the staircase, and all-enveloping cobwebs lined the hallways.The acid-laced zeitgeist of the 70s had trickled up and finally reached the ranks of the Parisian elite in the form of the Rothschilds’ theatrical Dîner des Têtes Surréalistes. 

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